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Elves and The Shoemaker (+CD)

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It’s snowing in the mountain village of leather uppers and Stefan the shoemaker and his wife are suffering hard times. Evil slingback’s raised the rent again and they have no money left to buy materials. They’re desperate – then a miracle happens! Fairy Magigayle and Flipflop’s troupe of elves save their business. Soon VIP customers Serena Stilleto, Donald Rump and Philly Meenyon are in the shoe queue! Overjoyed, Sue and Stefan repay the elves with brand new Christmas outfits and the village comes alive with festivities. With roles for everyone, this magical musical for 4 to 7 year olds celebrates the Christmas spirit and highlights the importance of kindness, teamwork and consideration for others. The book includes song words, piano part, guitar chords, production checklists, a high quality CD with full performance and backing tracks and photocopiable script.

Publisher: International Music Publications

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Genre(s): Musical Theatre

Included media: 1CD

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