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Fingerprints (Instrumental Solo)

William Bruce

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Fingerprints is a collection of fourteen pieces for the Grade 1-4 cellist, each piece is written by a living composer all of whom eat breakfast, feel tired, get irritable, laugh at jokes and has favourite things. The pieces that they have contributed to this volume are designed to capture the essence of who they are and go together to provide an exciting volume of new original music for you to play.


**ABRSM selected piece (Cello 2010-2015):

Ten Toads (Milne)

Zig zag (Hindson)

NYPD TV (Byrchmore)

Danny's Dance (Matthews)

Publisher: Faber Music

ISBN: 0571522971

Item Code: 0571522971

Price: £7.99
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Genre(s): Educational

Language: English

Grade(s): Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

Exam Board: ABRSM

Territories: Item available Worldwide

  • Piano
  • Cello
  1. Curious Minuet ( Christian Alexander)
  2. NYPD TV (Ruth Byrchmore) **ABRSM selected piece: Cello syllabus 2010-15
  3. Ghost note ( Charles Dickie)
  4. Texting (Charles Dickie)
  5. Secret places (Howard Goodall)
  6. Bonjour tristesse ( Paul Hart)
  7. Zig zag (Matthew Hindson)**ABRSM selected piece: Cello syllabus 2010-15
  8. From the sea (Stephen Hough
  9. The wishing gate (Nikki Iles)
  10. Song of the rose (Thomas Hewitt Jones)
  11. Danny's dance (David Matthews)**ABRSM selected piece: Cello syllabus 2010-15
  12. Ten toads (Elissa Milne)**ABRSM selected piece: Cello syllabus 2010-15
  13. Shaky staircase (Christine Myers)
  14. Battle hymn (Richard Peat)

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    Charles Dickie
    Instrumental Solo

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    Ruth Byrchmore
    Instrumental Solo

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    Instrumental Solo & Piano Accompaniment
    Piano, Cello

This is a lively collection of short pieces by some ‘alive and kicking’ contemporary composers, who each supply their name, place and date of birth as well as two of their ‘favourite things’ – details which some children will love. The pieces range widely in style and event the simplest have real character, for example Nikki Iles’ The Wishing Gate which uses only open strings and first and second fingers but is given life by a lovely jazz-tinged accompaniment. Key signatures are kept simple, the better to introduce techniques such as double-stopping, harmonics, glissandi etc, and one piece briefly employs tenor clef. The volume is filled with useful teaching material of a high musical standard….

European String Teachers Association, Summer 2007